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By: Lydia E. Weisser, DO, MBA

  • Medical Director, G. Werber Bryan Psychiatric Hospital, Columbia, South Carolina

Percutaneous endoscopic approach for highly migrated intracanal disc herniations by foraminoplastic technique using rigid working channel endoscope anxiety disorders symptoms quiz emsam 5mg lowest price. Jasper anxiety symptoms eye pain 5 mg emsam with amex, Md anxiety quizlet emsam 5mg generic, founded the center for Pain control in brick and Milltown anxiety symptoms depersonalization purchase emsam 5mg on line, nJ, and the Jasper ambulatory surgical center. We report herein the proceedings from a student-led symposium that aimed to promote student involvement in research at the alpert Medical school of brown university by providing practical information on how to successfully complete a research project. K e Yword s: medical student, research, publication to laboratory-based projects, clinical science often lends itself to smaller projects, which are more amenable to beginning researcher and student schedules. Picking a Faculty Mentor identifying a committed mentor is vital to a successful research experience. Medical students often have only a few months to dedicate to research due to the demands of their academic schedules. While targets may change as the project continues, good mentors will advise students on their timelines. Writing these portions of the manuscript can also help students with their irb proposals, if their projects require it. When data collection and analysis is completed, students should establish a target conference and journal with their mentor and understand all conference abstract and journal w w w. Find a good mentor: look for those who are interested in medical students, understand the constraints of medical school, have a track record of recent student-authored publications, and communicate promptly and directly. Start projects with a literature review to establish a knowledge base on the topic of interest and find new ideas. Set realistic deadlines for all stages of the project, including preparing the institutional review board application (if required), collecting the data, analyzing the data, and writing the abstract and manuscript. Prepare the preliminary sections of the abstract and manuscript in advance and read major journals for models. We plan to continue this symposium annually, incorporating new information to meet the changing needs of student researchers. Paul george, Md, MhPe, is an assistant Professor of family Medicine at the Warren alpert Medical school of brown university and co-director of the integrated Medical sciences curriculum in the office of Medical education. Melissa gaitanis, Md, an infectious disease specialist, is assistant Professor of Medicine at the alpert Medical school of brown university and is affiliated with the Providence Veterans administration Medical center, Providence, ri. Murray resnick, Md, Phd, is director of surgical Pathology and director of gi Pathology at rhode island hospital and is an associate Professor of Pathology at the alpert Medical school of brown university. We present an unusual case of pulmonary embolism in a 21-year-old female competitive rower likely caused by oral contraception and trauma of the axillary-subclavian vein by extrinsic compression due to repetitive arm movements. K e Yword s: Pulmonary embolism, effort thrombosis, who are healthy and active are considered to be a low risk population for dVt and Pe. Within six minutes into any workout her legs felt heavy and her breathing became significantly more difficult. With the development of sharp chest pain and more exertional dypsnea, she presented to the emergency department for further evaluation. Just prior to the development of her initial symptoms she had taken a 3-hour flight home after an intensive training program. Massive pulmonary embolism associated with factor V leiden, prothrombin, and methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase gene mutations in a young patient on oral contraceptive pills: a case report. Pulmonary embolism in a female collegiate cross-country runner presenting as nonspecific back pain. We calculated cdi rates (the number of infections per 1,000 hospital discharges) from 2002-2012 for rhode island, the two neighboring states with available data (Massachusetts and Vermont) and the u. M et ho d s data sources We used two data sources: (1) healthcare cost and utilization Project (hcuP) data from 2002 to 2012, which includes cdi, and (2) hospital compare data for the first quarter of 2013, which includes labid events. States ranked by Standardized incidence ratio (Sir) of Clostridium difficile labiD of 2013, ri ranked 51st among the 50 Events, First quarter of 2013 states and d. States ranked by Standardized incidence ratio (Sir) of Clostridium difficile labiD of ri hospitals currently use the most Events, First quarter of 2013. Hospital Clostridium difficile labiD Events in new England States, First quarter of 2013 to attribute infections to hospital care. We would like to express our particular thanks to steve sawyer, these findings highlight the need to focus additional rhode island department of health, for his gis technical assistance. Clostridium difficile surveillance: a multicenter comparison of labid events and use of standard definitions. Gen e rat I n G a Pat I e nt r e P o rt once you have a user name and password, you are ready to log into the system.

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Termination of Parental Rights among Prisoners: A National Perspective anxiety symptoms early pregnancy generic 5 mg emsam, in Children of Incarcerated Parents (Katherine Gabel & Denise Johnston eds anxiety symptoms with menopause generic 5mg emsam overnight delivery. The Foster Care Handbook for Incarcerated Parents: A Manual of Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities (Phillip M anxiety reddit buy 5 mg emsam. Procedural Due Process Rights of Incarcerated Parents anxiety 4th cheap emsam 5mg without a prescription, in Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings: A Fifty State Analysis, 30 J. Voluntary Surrender and Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights on Grounds Other Than Permanent Neglect, in New York Civil Practice: Family Court Proceedings (James Zett et al. Adoption Generally, in New York Civil Practice: Family Court Proceedings (James Zett et al. Permanent Termination of Parental Rights, in New York Civil Practice: Family Court Proceedings (James Zett et al. Teacher, Coach, Cheerleader, and Judge: Promoting Learning through Learner-Centered Assessment, 94 L. Making the Connection: Learning Style Theory and the Legal Research Curriculum, 19/3:4 Leg. Legal Research Training Seminar-Legal Practice Materials, Fourth Annual Legal Research Teach-In Training Kit (West 1996) (coauthor Kory D. Gewirtzman, Doni Symposium: Civil Rights Law in Transition: the Forty-Fifth Anniversary of the New York City Comission on Human Rights, 27 Fordham Urb. Bringing the "Opening the Door" Theory to a Close: the Tendency to Overlook the Specific Contradiction Doctrine in Evidence Law, 41 Santa Clara L. Court-Martial Procedure, in Principles and Practice of Military Forensic Psychiatry (Charles Thomas Publg. The Theory of "Unconscious Transference": the Latest Threat to the Shield Laws Protecting the Privacy of Victims of Sex Offenses, 38 B. The Procurement and Presentation of Evidence in Courts-Martial: Compulsory Process and Confrontation, 101 Mil. Search of Premises, Vehicles, and the Individual Incident to Apprehension, 61 Mil. A Global Enterprise, in Courting the Yankees: Legal Essays on the Bronx Bombers (Ettie Ward ed. From Electoral College to Law School: Research and Writing Lessons from the Recount, 10 Persps. The Treatment of Foreign Country Convictions as Predicates for Sentence Enhancement under Recidivist Statutes, 44 Duke L. Goldman, Pearl Alternative Dispute Resolution as a Vehicle for Promoting Collaborative Learning, 15 Second Draft (newsltr. How to Push an Elephant through a Straw: Using Wireless Technology in a Web-Enhanced Skills Program, 15 Intl. Using Technology to Enhance Learning in the Lawyering Skills Classroom, 13 Second Draft (newsltr. Beyond Core Skills and Values: Integrating Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Preventive Law into the Law School Curriculum, 5 J. Forum 611 (1999) (reviewing James Kincaid, Erotic Innocence: the Culture of Child Molesting (Duke U. Scientist 276 (May­June 2001) (reviewing Leah Ceccarelli, Shaping Science with Rhetoric: the Cases of Dobzhansky, Schrodinger, and Wilson (U. Talbot, La Ciencia de la Escritura Cientifica (Conferece of the Fundacion de Investigaciones Metabolicas, Buenos Aires, Arg. Japanese Translation of Yosuke Kawachi, A Collection of Geologic Sample Sentences: A Guide for Scientific Writing 293­313 (1994). The Professor and the Professionals: Teaching Writing to Lawyers and Judges, 1 Leg. Theme and Variations: the Concept of Audience, in Collective Sourcebook of Lessons for Writing Teachers 95­97 (Sondra J. Let the Buyer in the Ordinary Course of Business Beware: Suggestions for Revising the Prose of the Uniform Commercial Code, 54 U. Every Spring a New Haystack: A Method for the Annual Evaluation of New Composition Textbooks, 7 Writing Prog.

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The movie is based on the best-selling novel anxiety natural treatment buy 5 mg emsam, Das Boot (The Boat) anxiety buzzfeed buy cheap emsam 5mg line, by German author Lothar G anxiety yellow stool purchase emsam 5mg free shipping. BaCkground An article in Spiegel magazine traces the fascination with the submarine as a German secret weapon to anxiety symptoms natural remedies purchase emsam 5mg with amex gain military superiority back to World War I. Early in the war, German submarine attacks gained early successes, as for example when the U-9 sank three British destroyers in thirty minutes. Such success led to the use of submarines in questionable situations, leading to the policies after 1916 that allowed the boats to break a blockade around England by sinking all commercial vessels, even if the ships were from neutral nations. The sinking of one of these neutral ships Das Boot 227 Cramped quarters on U-Boot 96. The degree to which the strategy was ill advised can be seen in the mortality rate of the submarines: 9 boats were lost in 1939, and that number escalated to 251 in 1944. Forty-one boats were destroyed, or 25 percent of the fleet, with a loss of 1,785 men. The Boat reprises a trend of German films of the 1950s, examining the fate of ordinary servicemen during the Third Reich. Rather than engaging the reality of submarine combat critically, the film involves viewers in the fate of men who are dying bravely. One character exhibits superhuman endurance after earlier suffering a crisis of courage that had led to a nervous breakdown. In this respect, Petersen follows the convention of many war films, where acts of courage are often exhibited by characters who earlier had displayed fear when confronted by enemy fire. Moreover, the film was released in a five-hour mini-series version for television in 1985, four years after its theatrical run, again scoring well with viewers and critics in Germany and England. To commemorate its twenty-fifth anniversary, the film was recut and released as a 216-minute movie, as opposed to the original 149 minutes. The creaking boat, popping bolts, and depth-charge explosions, already impressive in the original cut, become another actor in the reedited version, as each pop or explosion ratchets up the fear factor of the movie. Shortly thereafter, he was invited to Hollywood, where he has scored success with films such as Enemy Mine (1985), Air Force One (1997), In the Line of Fire (1993), Outbreak (1995), the Perfect Storm (2000), Troy (2004), and Poseidon (2006). As already mentioned, another German director, Joseph Vilsmaier, also had success in Stalingrad with the Hollywood formula for war films. Stalingrad and Das Boot both ask viewers to identify with men fighting for a regime that public opinion considers criminal and even barbaric. Only secondarily does the film offer critical commentary on the futility of war, and only for viewers familiar with history does the film serve as a reminder of the Nazi terror. The opening scene captures the men of two U-boat crews, one just returning and one shipping out the next day, celebrating at a club. On the one hand, one could read the scenes as critical of the war effort, since the men drink themselves into oblivion. Moreover, the opening corresponds to the war-film formula by introducing the (stereo) types familiar to us from other films- a hardened but kind captain, a seasoned veteran, a member of the military press, a young kid with a pregnant girlfriend, and a gung-ho second-in-command. He transforms Hollywood clichйs of life on a submarine into horrific scenes of tedium, heroism, and death. The cramped quarters that one expects to find on a submarine here are made more claustrophobic through shots down the middle of the boat that block our vision as we try to see through to the end. In similar fashion, a long tracking shot that introduces the various compartments follows the journalist as he moves forward, doubles back, circles around, and dodges people and objects in a tour de force of choreographed motion. Petersen also uses a conventional war film arc: simulation, first attack, calm after the storm, second more harrowing attack, and victory. Again, however, his camera work, audio track, and plotting raise the film above conventional war movies. Individuals are isolated, their faces emerging from shadows as if subjects of a Caravaggio or Goya portrait, two Spanish artists who specialized in chiaroscuro, a style that emphasized light and shadow. The tempo of the editing builds suspense during the four sequences when the sub submerges. The first is a drill; the second comes when the sub is on the attack; the third occurs when the sub is being attacked; and the final takes place when the sub is trying to resurface. The audio track for these scenes first has the voice of a crewmember announcing the depth of the boat, which is then followed by sounds of bolts popping. The intensity of the visuals and sounds builds through the first three scenes of submerging until the third ordeal. Here, gloom hits its deepest point as the men admit to each other that they believe the captain knew the mission had to fail.

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After this we discuss how the Methods library is validated through its software development process and testing anxiety symptoms 6 week pregnancy cheap 5mg emsam fast delivery. The destination of the journey was reached anxiety symptoms 3-4 emsam 5mg visa, but it is not possible to anxiety jaw pain emsam 5mg retrace the exact steps taken to anxiety symptoms treatment buy cheap emsam 5mg get there. Software Validity not reproducible, but also because it lacks transparency we do not know exactly what was done to produce the result, so we also cannot verify that no mistakes were made. The analysis can be of arbitrary complexity, perhaps producing just a single count, or generating empirically calibrated estimates for millions of research questions, but the same principle applies. The script can invoke other scripts, which in turn can invoke even lowerlevel analysis processes. This complexity can make it harder to maintain the analysis code and increase the likelihood of making errors, as well as making it harder to notice errors. Luckily, computer programmers have over many years developed best practices for writ ing code that can deal with complexity, which are easy to read, reuse, adapt, and verify. Here, we highlight these four important principles: · Abstraction: Rather than write a single large script that does everything, leading to socalled "spaghetti code" where dependencies between lines of code can go from anywhere to anywhere. Socalled "global variables", variables that are set outside a function, are not arguments of a function, but are nevertheless used in the function, should be avoided. For example, instead of x <- spl(y, 100), we can write code that reads sampledPatients <- takeSample(patients, sampleSize = 100). Methods Library Software Development Process less complexity and fewer opportunities for errors. Code review has the advantage that it is usually less work, but the disadvantage is that the reviewer might miss some errors. Double coding on the other hand is usually very labor intensive, but it is less likely, although not impossible, that errors are missed. Another dis advantage of double coding is that two separate implementations almost always produce different results, due to the many minor arbitrary choices that need to made. As a consequence, the two supposedly independent programmers often need to work together to align their analyses, thus breaking their independence. Validity of the Methods Library is ensured by its software development process and by extensive testing. Software Validity Users can install the Methods Library in R directly from the master branches in the GitHub repositories, or through a system known as "drat" that is always uptodate with the master branches. Thus, all the functionality embodied within the Methods Library is subject to continuous critique and improvement relative to its accuracy, reliability and consistency. Continuous logs of code changes are maintained within the GitHub repositories and reflect all aspects of changes in code and documentation. New versions are numbered using threecomponent version number: · New micro versions. No new functionality, and forward and backward compatibility are guaranteed · New minor versions. Each package has a package manual that describes every function available in the package. In addition, many packages also have vignettes that highlight specific use cases of a package. First, the GitHub version control system contains the full development history of each package, and the state of a package at each point in time can be reconstructed and retrieved. Online video tutorials are available, and inperson tutorials are provided from time to time. User accounts are lim ited in access based upon standard security policies and functional requirements. Each test begins with specifying some simple input data, then executes a function in one of the packages on this input, and evaluates whether the output is exactly what would be expected. For simple functions, the expected result is often obvious (for example when performing propensity score matching on example data containing only a few subjects) for more complicated functions the expected result may be generated using combinations of other functions available in R (for example, Cyclops, our largescale regression engine, is tested among others by comparing results on simple problems with other regression routines in R). We aim for these tests in total to cover 100% of the lines of executable source code. These tests are automatically performed when changes are made to a package (specifically, when changes are pushed to the package repository).

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