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By: Alison M. Walton, PharmD, BCPS

  • Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Butler University
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For instance impotence age 45 100 mg kamagra gold otc, in Example 9 erectile dysfunction doctor new jersey purchase kamagra gold 100 mg online, for the 709 patients of each type erectile dysfunction medications comparison order 100mg kamagra gold with amex, we looked back in time to other uses for erectile dysfunction drugs buy generic kamagra gold 100mg on-line see whether they smoked. We found percentages for the categories of the explanatory variable (smoker, nonsmoker) given lung cancer status (cases or control). It is not meaningful to form a percentage for a category of the response variable. For example, we cannot estimate the population percentage of subjects who have lung cancer, for smokers or nonsmokers. Example 10 Case-control studies Cell Phone Use Picture the Scenario Studies 1 and 2 about cell phone use in Example 1 were both case-control studies. The controls were randomly sampled from general practitioner lists and were matched with the cases on age, sex, and place of residence. In forming a sample of controls, Study 1 did not attempt to match subjects with the cases. So it was not possible for the researchers to use randomization to balance treatments on potential lurking variables. When researchers fail to use relevant variables to match cases with controls, those variables could influence the results. The results could suggest an association when actually there is not one, or the reverse. Insight the lack of matching in Study 1 may be one reason that the results from the two studies differed, with Study 2 not finding an association and Study 1 finding one. For example, in Study 1 suppose the eye cancer patients tended to be older than the controls, and suppose older people tend to be heavier users of cell phones. Then, age could be responsible for the observed association between cellphone use and eye cancer. The purpose of the study was to explore relationships among diet, hormonal factors, smoking habits, and exercise habits, and the risk of coronary heart disease, pulmonary disease, and stroke. Since the initial survey in 1976, the nurses have filled out a questionnaire every two years. Question to Explore What does it mean for this observational study to be called prospective? Think It Through the retrospective smoking study in Example 9 looked to the past to learn if its lung cancer subjects had been smokers. The study followed each nurse into the future to see whether she developed that outcome and to analyze whether certain explanatory variables (such as smoking) were associated with it. One finding (reported in the New York Times, February 11, 2003) was that nurses in this study who were highly overweight 18-year-olds were five times as likely as young women of normal weight to need hip replacement later in life. A prospective study identifies a group (cohort) of people and observes them in the future. In research literature, prospective studies are often referred to as cohort studies. Observational Studies and Causation Can we ever definitively establish causation with an observational study? For example, because the smoking and lung cancer study in Example 9 was observational, cigarette companies argued that a lurking variable could have caused this association. For a combination of reasons: (1) Experiments conducted using animals have shown an association, (2) in many countries, over time female smoking has increased relative to male smoking, and (3) the incidence of lung cancer has increased in women compared to men. For example, when a prospective study begun in 1951 with 35, 000 doctors ended in 2001, researchers14 estimated that cigarettes took an average of 10 years off the lives of smokers who never quit. This study estimated that at least half the people who smoke from youth are eventually killed by their habit. Most importantly, studies carried out on different populations of people have consistently concluded that smoking is associated with lung cancer, even after adjusting for all potentially confounding variables that researchers have suggested. As more studies are done that adjust for confounding variables, the chance that a lurking variable remains that can explain the association is reduced. As a consequence, although we cannot definitively conclude that smoking causes lung cancer, physicians will not hesitate to tell you that they believe it does. In Words A factor is a categorical explanatory variable (such as whether the subject takes an antidepressant) having as categories the experimental conditions (the treatments, such as bupropion or no bupropion).


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In using two-sided P-values encore vacuum pump erectile dysfunction generic 100 mg kamagra gold, researchers avoid the suspicion that they chose H a when they saw the direction in which the data occurred impotence quit smoking buy kamagra gold 100mg without prescription. The practice of using a two-sided test coincides with the ordinary approach for confidence intervals erectile dysfunction washington dc buy kamagra gold 100 mg with visa, which are two-sided erectile dysfunction statistics race purchase kamagra gold 100mg overnight delivery, obtained by adding and subtracting some quantity from the point estimate. There is a way to construct one-sided confidence intervals, for instance, concluding that a population proportion is at least equal to 0. So never express a hypothesis using sample statistic notation, such as n H 0: p = 0. There is no need to conduct inference about statistics such as the n sample proportion p, because you can find their values exactly from the data. The Binomial Test for Small Samples the test about a proportion applies normal sampling distributions for the sample n proportion p and the z test statistic. Therefore, it is a large-sample test because the central limit theorem implies approximate normality of the sampling distribution for large random samples. The guideline is that the expected numbers of successes and failures should be at least 15, when H 0 is true; that is, np0 Ъ 15 and n(1 - p0) Ъ 15. In practice, the large-sample z test performs well for two-sided alternatives even for small samples. However, a tail probability that is smaller than the normal probability in one tail is compensated by a tail probability that is larger than the normal probability in the other tail. Because of this, the P-value from the two-sided test using the normal table approximates well a P-value from a small-sample test. This test uses the binomial distribution with parameter value p0 to find the exact probability of the observed value and all the more extreme values, according to the direction in H a. Since one-sided tests with small n are not common in practice, we will not study the binomial test here. Having the actual, rather than an estimated standard deviation of the sample proportion makes a great difference. Do any of the P-values in part a, part b, or part c give strong evidence against H 0? Psychic A person who claims to be psychic says that the probability p that he can correctly predict the outcome of the roll of a die in another room is greater than 1/6, the value that applies with random guessing. If we want to test this claim, we could use the data from an experiment in which he predicts the outcomes for n rolls of the die. You plan to apply significance testing to your own experiment for testing astrology, in which astrologers have to guess which of four personality profiles is the correct one for someone who has a particular horoscope. Define notation and state hypotheses, letting 420 Chapter 9 Statistical Inference: Significance Tests About Hypotheses a significance test for which the alternative hypothesis is that the percentage of 18­29-year-olds who pray daily differs from 50%. State and interpret the five steps of a significance test in this context, using information shown in the output to provide the particular values for the hypothesis, test statistic, and P-value. The researchers trained five ordinary household dogs to distinguish, by scent alone, exhaled breath samples of 55 lung and 31 breast cancer patients from those of 83 healthy controls. A dog gave a correct indication of a cancer sample by sitting in front of that sample when it was randomly placed among four control samples. Set up the alternative hypothesis to test whether the probability of a correct selection differs from random guessing. Set up the alternative hypothesis to test whether the probability of a correct selection is greater than with random guessing. In one test with 83 Stage I lung cancer samples, the dogs correctly identified the cancer sample 81 times. According to recent studies by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, fewer young adults are affiliated with a specific religion than older people today. And, compared with their elders, fewer young people say that religion is very important in their lives. Yet, many young people still believe in traditional religious concepts and practices. Another part of the study used the following experiment: Professional astrologers prepared horoscopes for 83 adults. Each adult was shown three horoscopes, one of which was the one an astrologer prepared for them and the other two were randomly chosen from ones prepared for other subjects in the study. Would you conclude that people are more likely to select their horoscope than if they were randomly guessing, or are results consistent with random guessing? Defining notation, set up hypotheses to test that the probability of a correct guess is 0.

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What assumptions are made to young and have erectile dysfunction buy kamagra gold 100mg on-line construct a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion who would say yes? Can you conclude whether or not a majority or minority of the population would answer yes? Explain what the "95% confidence" refers to erectile dysfunction kits kamagra gold 100mg with amex erectile dysfunction treatment high blood pressure cheap kamagra gold 100mg visa, by describing the long-run interpretation doctor for erectile dysfunction in hyderabad generic kamagra gold 100mg line. Show how you can get a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of American adults who were opposed to the death penalty from the confidence interval stated in the previous exercise for the proportion in favor. In the same study, only 58% of those describing themselves as Republicans believed that it has merit. Specify the population to which this inference applies and explain how to interpret the confidence interval. Of those sampled, 61% said breast cancer, 8% said heart disease, and the rest picked other conditions. By contrast, currently about 3% of female deaths are due to breast cancer, whereas 32% are due to heart disease. Construct a 90% confidence interval for the population proportion of women who most feared breast cancer. Without doing any calculation, explain whether the interval in part a would be wider or narrower than a 4 5 Of them, 660 say they voted for the Democratic candidate and 740 say they voted for the Republican candidate. Treating the sample as a random sample from the population of all voters, would you predict the winner? Explain why you need stronger evidence to make a prediction when you want greater confidence. Explain why the same proportions but with smaller samples provide less information. Generate 100 random samples, each of size 10, and for each one, form a 95% confidence interval for p. To see that this is not a fluke, now take 1000 samples and see what percentage of 95% confidence intervals contain 0. Using the Sampling Distribution applet, generate 10, 000 random samples of size 10 when p = 0. The applet will plot the empirical sampling distribution of the sample proportion values. Use this to help you explain why the large-sample confidence interval performs poorly in this case. What do you think plays the role of the point estimate and the role of the standard error (se) in this formula? How to Construct a Confidence Interval for a Population Mean the sample mean x is the point estimate of the population mean. Like the standard deviation of the sample proportion, the standard deviation of the sample mean depends on a parameter whose value is unknown, in this case. So, the estimated standard deviation used in confidence intervals is the standard error, se = s/1n. A recent General Social Survey asked respondents, "On the average day, about how many hours do you personally watch television? What do the sample mean and standard deviation suggest about the likely shape of the population distribution? Question Does the skew affect the validity of a confidence interval for the population mean? Insight Because the sample size was relatively large, the estimation is precise and the confidence interval is quite narrow. The larger the sample size, the smaller the standard error and the subsequent margin of error. As with the proportion, the margin of error for a 95% confidence interval is roughly two standard errors. However, we need to introduce a new distribution similar to the normal distribution to give us a more precise margin of error.

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This shows that if n we substitute x = x into the regression equation y = a + bx erectile dysfunction drugs viagra purchase kamagra gold 100mg online, then the predicted n outcome is y = a + bx = y erectile dysfunction drugs over the counter canada cheap 100mg kamagra gold. In Practice Check the Model Graphically; Use Software for Computations Check whether it is sensible to erectile dysfunction virgin buy generic kamagra gold 100mg do a regression analysis by looking at a scatterplot problems with erectile dysfunction drugs order 100 mg kamagra gold free shipping. If you see an approximately linear relationship, you can let technology do the computational work of finding the correlation, slope, and y-intercept. Whether a slope is a small number or a large number merely depends on the units of measurement. It takes the same value regardless of whether maximum bench press is measured in pounds, kilograms, or grams. The standardization adjusts the slope b for the way it depends on the standard deviations of x and y. Since the correlation r and slope b are related by b = r(sy/sx), equivalently, sx r = ba b. The correlation represents the value that the slope equals if the two variables have the same standard deviation. However, this tells us that the correlation represents what we would get for the slope of the regression line if the two variables did have the same standard deviations. Example 6 Correlation Predicting Strength Picture the Scenario For the female athlete strength study (Examples 1­3), x = number of 60-pound bench presses and y = maximum bench press had: x: mean = 11. If an x value is a certain number of standard deviations from its mean, then the predicted y is r times that many standard deviations from its mean. When x is 1 standard deviaton above x, the predicted y value is r standard deviations above y (shown in the figure for r = 1/2). Question When x is 2 standard deviations above x, how many standard deviations does the predicted y value fall above y (if r = 1/2)? Example 7 Regression toward the mean Tall Parents and Tall Children Picture the Scenario British scientist Francis Galton discovered the basic ideas of regression and correlation in the 1880s. He observed that very tall parents tended to have tall children, but on average not quite so tall. For instance, for all fathers with height 7 feet, their sons averaged 6 feet 5 inches when fully grown-taller than average, but not extremely tall. Likewise, for fathers with height 5 feet, perhaps their sons averaged 5 feet 5 inches-shorter than average, but not extremely short. In his research, Galton accounted for gender height differences by multiplying each female height by 1. How does his observation about very tall or very short parents with children who are not so very tall or so very short relate to the property about the correlation that a predicted value of y is relatively closer to its mean than x is to its mean? So, a y value is predicted to be fewer standard deviations from its mean than x is from its mean. In summary, the predicted y is relatively closer to its mean than x is to its mean. Example 8 Regression toward the mean the Placebo Effect Picture the Scenario A clinical trial admits subjects suffering from high blood cholesterol (over 225 mg/dl). The subjects are randomly assigned to take either a placebo or a drug being tested for reducing cholesterol levels. After the three-month study, the mean cholesterol level for subjects taking the drug drops from 270 to 230. However, the researchers are surprised to see that the mean cholesterol level for the placebo group also drops, from 270 to 250. Question to Explore Explain how this placebo effect could merely reflect regression toward the mean. So, for all people who are not taking the drug, a subject with relatively high cholesterol at one time would also tend to have relatively high cholesterol three months later. By regression toward the mean, however, subjects who are relatively high at one time will, on average, be lower at a later time. So, if a study gives placebo to people with relatively high cholesterol (that is, in the right-hand tail of the blood cholesterol distribution), on average we expect their values three months later to be lower. In sports, excellent performance tends to be followed by good, but less outstanding, performance. By contrast, the good news about regression toward the mean is that very poor performance tends to be followed by improved performance. If you got the worst score in your statistics class on the first exam, you probably did not do so poorly on the second exam (but you were probably still below the mean).

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