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By: Alison M. Walton, PharmD, BCPS

  • Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Butler University
  • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist—Ambulatory Care, St. Vincent, Indianapolis, Indiana

Read the following case studies and think about what you know about the causes of older adult abuse florida pain treatment center miami fl toradol 10 mg visa. Circle the letter preceding the case study that describes the patient who falls in the highest risk category for abuse treatment for post shingles nerve pain cheap 10mg toradol visa. He is still fairly active and is able to pain medication for nursing dogs purchase toradol 10 mg visa carry out most daily activities by himself pain management shingles head 10mg toradol visa. He has a daughter and a son, who take turns visiting him every week and doing his shopping and laundry for him. She suffers from mild senile dementia, which her family sometimes finds frustrating, but is learning to cope with. Lewis has a home health aide and private nurse to help her carry out activities of daily living. Her family members cannot afford to place her in a long-term care facility, so they share the responsibility of taking care of her. Williams used to be extremely active, but has recently become withdrawn and has started drinking heavily. You suspect that the patient is lonely and is visiting the office for company and human interaction. Your patient is an 80-year-old woman who has recently lost a noticeable amount of weight. She tells you that she has not been very hungry lately and has not felt like eating very much. The physician has asked you to write a list of nutritional guidelines for her to follow and explain why they are important. After his appointment with the physician, you overhear his family trying to get him into the car. When the patient tells your coworker that she is taking gingko to improve her memory, your coworker tells her that she needs to know only about actual medications. Identify the kinds of laboratories where medical assistants work and the functions of each 3. Identify the types of departments found in most large laboratories and give their purposes 4. Define scope of practice for the medical assistant and comprehend the conditions for practice within the state that the medical assistant is employed 7. Describe the panels defined by the American Medical Association for national standardization of nomenclature and testing and list the test results provided in each panel 9. Identify the equipment found in most small laboratories and give the purpose of each 10. Laboratory test results are evaluated to determine the relative health of body systems or organs by comparison with: a. A large facility in which thousands of tests of various types are performed each day is a: a. Medical assistants frequently work with referral laboratory customer service personnel to: a. Sjцgren syndrome, diagnosed using the antithyoglobulin antibody test, the rheumatoid arthritis test, and the antinuclear antibody test, is a disease of which body system? Klinefelter syndrome, diagnosed using serum and urine gonadotropin measurements, semen analysis, and chromosome studies, is a disease of which body system? Osteomalacia and rickets, diagnosed using the comprehensive metabolic panel, vitamin D level, and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate, are diseases of which body system? A graduate of an associate (2-year) degree program (or equivalent) in medical laboratory science who is nationally certified and performs specimen testing is a: a. A technician trained to process and evaluate tissue samples, such as biopsy or surgical samples, is a: a. Place the letter preceding the panel name on the line next to the analyte that it includes. Review the task that must be performed and then decide which laboratory department should handle each task.

If blood appears in the hub or the syringe the pain treatment & wellness center hempfield boulevard greensburg pa cheap toradol 10 mg without a prescription, do not inject the medication; remove the needle and prepare a new injection advanced pain treatment center jackson tn generic 10 mg toradol free shipping. Hold the barrel between the thumb and the index finger of the dominant hand and insert the needle completely to lateral knee pain treatment toradol 10mg lowest price the hub neuropathic pain treatment guidelines and updates cheap toradol 10 mg overnight delivery. Pull the top layer of skin to the side and hold it with your nondominant hand throughout the injection. While holding the syringe like a dart, use a quick, firm motion to insert the needle at a 90-degree angle to the skin surface. Ask the patient about medication allergies that might not be noted on the medical record. The sites are usually the upper arm, the chest or back surface, or behind the ear. If there is a transdermal patch already in place, remove it carefully while wearing gloves. Press the adhesive edges down firmly all around, starting at the center and pressing outward. Remove the end of the administration set by removing the cover on the spike (located above the drip chamber). Remove the cover from the solution infusion port (located on the bottom of the bag). Fill the drip chamber on the administration set by squeezing the drip chamber until about half full. Open the roller clamp and allow fluid to flow from the drip chamber through the length of the tubing, displacing any air. Wearing gloves, apply the tourniquet 1 to 2 inches above the intended venipuncture site. Ask the patient to open and close the fist of the selected arm to distend the veins. Make sure the ends of the tourniquet extend upward to avoid contaminating the venipuncture site. Select a vein by palpating with your gloved index finger to trace the path of the vein and judge its depth. Release the tourniquet after palpating the vein if it has been left on for more than 1 minute. Place the end of the administration set tubing on the examination table for easy access after the venipuncture. Anchor the vein to be punctured by placing the thumb of your nondominant hand below the intended site and holding the skin taut. While holding the catheter by the flash chamber, not the hub of the needle, use the dominant hand to insert the needle and catheter unit directly into the top of the vein, with the bevel of the needle up at a 15- to 20-degree angle for superficial veins. When the blood flashback is observed, lower the angle of the needle until it is flush with the skin and slowly advance the needle and catheter unit about 14 inches. Once the needle and catheter unit has been inserted slightly into the lumen of the vein hold the flash chamber of the needle steady with the nondominant hand. Slide the catheter (using the catheter hub) off the needle and into the vein with the dominant hand. Cross one end over the hub and adhere onto the skin on the opposite side of the catheter. Cross the other end of the tape in the same fashion and adhere to the skin on the opposite side of the hub. A transparent membrane adhesive dressing can then be applied over the entire hub and insertion site. Apply local, state, and federal health care legislation and regulation appropriate to the medical assisting practice setting and x-ray machines 3. Serve as a liaison between the physician diagnostic and treatment modalities as they relate to each body system 2. A physician who specializes in interpreting the images on the processed film is a(n): a. Why is it imperative to have an esophagogastroduodenoscopy done before other barium studies? You have a patient who will have a radiographic exam using contrast media next week.

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Filter the resulting mixture and collect the precipitate and the filtrate separately southern california pain treatment center pasadena purchase toradol 10 mg without a prescription. The resulting solution of alkaloid hydrochloride is made alkaline by the addition of dilute ammonium hydroxide when cinchonidine is obtained as a precipitate pain disorder treatment order 10 mg toradol visa. It is obtained as triboluminescent back pain treatment yahoo discount toradol 10mg online, orthorhombic needles from absolute ethanol having mp 177° (with some decomposition) joint pain treatment in urdu generic 10 mg toradol with visa. Its specific optical rotations are: []15 - 169° (C = 2 in 97% ethanol); []17 - 117° (C = 1. It gives a distinct and characteristic blue fluorescence which is especially strong in dilute sulphuric acid. Identification Tests Quinine may be identified either by a series of Colour Tests or by the formation of several known derivatives having characteristic features; and these shall be discussed separately as under: (a) Colour Tests: these are, namely 1. Oxygenated Acids: Oxygenated acids, such as: sulphuric acid or acetic acid gives a strong blue fluorescence with quinine. Note: Halogen quinine compounds and hydrochloride salts of quinine do not give fluorescence in solution. The crystals thus obtained exhibit metallic lustre, appears dark in reflected light and alive-green in transmitted light. Thalleioquin Test: When a few drops of bromine water are added to 2 or 3 ml of a weakly acidic solution of quinine salt, followed by the addition of 0. It is an extremely sensitive colour test which may detect quinine even upto a strength as low as 0. The end coloured product is known as thalleioquin for which the exact chemical composition is not yet known. If shaken quickly with 1-2 ml of chloroform, the red colouration is taken up by the lower chloroform-layer. The aqueous solutions are found to be strongly acidic to litmus paper (pH about 2. L-Tryptophan and secologanin yields strictosidine, which upon hydrolysis and decarboxylation produces coryantheal. Coryantheal undergoes intramolecular changes, first-by cleavage of C-N bond (via iminium), and secondly-by formation of an altogether new C-N bond (again via iminium). The resulting intermediate undergoes further intramolecular changes to yield cinchoninone having a quinoline nucleus. Solubility Profile: 1g dissolves in 60 ml ethanol, 25 ml boiling ethanol, 110 ml chloroform, 500 ml ether; and practically insoluble in water. Identification Tests Cinchonine may be identified by forming its specific derivatives, namely: 1. It is broadly used for febrifuge, schizonticide, stomachic, amebiasis, dysentry, flu, fever, and as a mild stimulant of gastric mucosa. Quinidine is obtained as triboluminescent crystals having mp 174-175°C after drying of the solvated crystals. It gives a distinct and characteristic blue fluorescence in dilute sulphuric acid (2N). Solubility Profile: 1 g gets dissolved in 2000 ml cold water, 800 ml boiling water, 36 ml ethanol, 56 ml ether, 1. Identification Tests the various derivatives of quinidine have specific characteristic features as enumerated below: 1. Note: Quinidine sulphate dihydrate is the salt of an alkaloid obtained either from various species of Cinchona and their hybrids, or from Cuprea bark, obtained from Remijia pedunculata and Remijia purdieana belonging to the natural order Rubiaceae. Quinidine Gluconate (C26H36N2O9) (Synonyms Quinaglute; Duraquin; Gluconic acid quinidine salt): It is obtained as crystals having mp 175-176. H 2 O) [Synonyms Galactoquin; Cardioquin; Naticardina): It is obtained as an amorphous powder mp 180°C (decomposes). The anhydrous substance is found to be insoluble in methanol, ethanol, chloroform, ether, acetone, dioxane; and soluble in 40% methanol or ethanol: 12%; in water at 25°C: ~ 2%. Quindine Hemipentahydrate: It is obtained as prisms from dilute ethanol, mp ~ 168°C, and loses 1/2 H2O on exposure to air. Quinidine also gives a specific colour test as given below: Ferrocyanide Test for Quinidine A small quantum (10-15 mg) of a quinidine salt is mixed thoroughly with 0. The contents are transferred carefully into a test tube with the help of 1 ml of distilled water.

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